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Traditional Color
~Western AU Shadikal~ by KuroDeMangaKa
~Quick Ref: Frost by KuroDeMangaKa
:Lovey Dovey: Awesomepuppy by KuroDeMangaKa
Traditional Color
20140617 164251 by KuroDeMangaKa
20140617 164301 by KuroDeMangaKa
20140617 164234 by KuroDeMangaKa
Tiny chibi plushies of your fave Character or O.C. :D they stand an intimidating 5-6 inches tall and come with love in every stitch~! :heart:
Website Banners/Sigs/Wallpapers/Quote Cards
~Slightly Eccentric, Completley Amazing~ by KuroDeMangaKa
~Mysrery Twins~ by KuroDeMangaKa
:SONIC: Dr. Finitevus by KuroDeMangaKa
new id by KuroDeMangaKa
~2 Souls One Heart~ by KuroDeMangaKa
~The Red Hunter~ by KuroDeMangaKa
             :bulletorange: PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING FOR WHICHEVER YOU CHOOSE :bulletorange:

:bulletblue: Website banner : character(s), colors, size you would like it to be (long, tall, short, across the top, ect...) and any particular art/pics you would like used in it

:bulletyellow: Sig: the name you go by for whatever site you would use it for, a character, a color theme and any other particular references you may have

:bulletgreen: Wallpaper: Please provide dimensions (width X height) of your screen, characters and colors :D

:bulletred: Quote Cards: character, a particular or favorite quote of said character :D
Digital Colored
Blues by KuroDeMangaKa
Iblis by KuroDeMangaKa
~Layla-Na~ by KuroDeMangaKa
+ .50 for extra charries.
~Protector~ by KuroDeMangaKa
~C'mere ya little brats!~ by KuroDeMangaKa
:Solatorobo: My brother, my sister by KuroDeMangaKa
Sketches can have up to 3 charries @ no extra charge~


Hey guys, just droppin to let y'all know Im goin on hiatus for a while, my father had a few heart attacks and this is the first time we've been through anything like this. He's in recovery right now for 48 hours and I will most likely be at the hospital the entire time, Im not sure when I'll be back cuz Im fairly sure once he actually gets home he's going to need a lot of after care, so I will be back when I can.

See you all later.
Pixel Candy Corn Animated Color Bullets C O N T E S T   T I M E!! Animated Color BulletsPixel Candy Corn 

Hey boys and girls~!Artemis Wave 

Guess what? fella thinking ( Reactions )  
It's contest time~! Jack Sparrow LA emote 

Party Hard!  Da Vinci Fella ( Artists ) Dancing Pumkin head 4Rockstar Fella ( Music Band ) let me show you the dance of my people 

This time around I wanted to try something a bit different and do what I'd like to call a "Calendar Design Contest". Every year I buy a calendar at the store, be it one with dogs, cats or the like and every year there's at least one month (or several) I don't quite care for in terms of art. So this year I thought it'd be kinda unique to make one for myself featuring art by all of you~ Cuz let's face it, you guys are awesome~Cheerleader  and it would be a totally unique piece of art to have and see throughout the year~  

So, if your interested, keep on a readin'~! 


Fire Bullet - F2U! :star: revamp  T H E M E :star: revamp Fire Bullet - F2U! 

Ok~ Aside from the fact this will be a calendar, there are also 12 themes that don't exactly coincide with the months, but are what I am looking for to go in the calendar and they are as listed;

Heart Jewel Sparkle1. Steampunk
2. Wonderlandsmall heart - magenta
small heart - light yellow3. Summer/ beach
4. Card Suits small heart - black
orange heart bullet5. Fall
6. online gaming or pc gamessmall heart - rainbow
small heart - green7. video games
8. Victorian Erasmall heart - light grey
small heart - hot pink9. medieval
10. Rainysmall heart - blue
small heart - aqua11. Vocaloid
12. Pirates! small heart - darker blue

My characters can be found here on my Dev ->…   or on my tumblr ->…  Now if you want to toss your own Charrie/OC/FC in the mix that would be super awesome~ if you'd like to score some extra points (hint,hint,wink,wink) these are my fave canon Characters: 

Little Pixel Heart King Kazma (Summer Wars)
 Sly the tazzy tiger (Ty the tasmanian tiger)
:heart: rvmp Dust (Dust An Elysian Tail) 
 The Sniper (TF2)
:heart: revamp
Heart of Gold  Thunderhawk or Remington (Sonic Comics)
 Guntz (Klanoa Series)small heart - rainbow
mini heartsDipper and Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

As well as my favorite Video Games and Animes:

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Harvest Moon; Animal Parade
Legend of Zelda SeriesLink 
Choo Choo Project - TF2 TF2 (Im partial to the Blu team)
Ty the Tasmanian tiger:shakeboomerang: 

Beating Heart - Black  Black Butler
Narutosmall heart - light orange 
small heart - darker blue Rave Master 

Little Pixel HeartPoints  P R I Z E S PointsLittle Pixel Heart  

This time prizes will consist strictly of points La jumping in Points  and EVERYONE gets points for entering once you've entered a piece of art. There are also ways to earn extra points (which I will highlight in just a moment) and you are also allowed to enter more than once, which can also earn you some extra points as well. This is how it is going to go;

Entering a piece of art = 10 Points 
Using either Mine/your charries = +10
Using a fave Canon Character = +5:points: (per character)
Using a fave anime or Video Game = +10:points:
Me using the art for the calendar = 200Points 
Using one of my Fave Canon Charries as the Mad Hatter or a Pirate = +50:points:
Blending 2 or more themes in an awesome way = 100:points:

Remember, YOU CAN ENTER MORE THAN ONCE and each entry will earn you 10:points: Regardless of whether I use your art for the calendar or not, once the contest ends you will be rewarded with 100:points: for your efforts~Little Pixel Heart 

Heart Bullet (DL's Purple) - F2U!Blue Pixel Orb R U L E S Blue Pixel OrbHeart Bullet (DL's Purple) - F2U! 

and now of course for the rules. I am not too picky when it comes to this, but there are some things I rather stray away from and would like for you to keep in mind while working on your entries. 

No, I disagree! Oh Noes! T H E  B I G  NO  NO'SOh Noes! No, I disagree! 

 Fire Bullet - F2U! no incest (or in the case of mabel and dipper TWINcest)

Fire Bullet - F2U! no gore (a little bleeding here or there is ok, as well as wrapped wounds and what have you but no decapitation or anything like that please)

Fire Bullet - F2U! No sexual content of ANY kind
  (while cute cuddles and kisses are totally ok, please no rated X material)

Fire Bullet - F2U!Do not disrespect any of the artists (
regardless of what your skill level is, show the proper respect to each other and dont diss others artwork. It's just not cool bro. )

other than this, you have full reign to so as you wish.

Love is in the Air... Right Arrow Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! H OW  T O  E N T E R Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U!Left Arrow bullz eye 


Please, please, PLEASE for my sanity (and to keep me better organized) comment on this journal about ANYTHING regarding this contest.

Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! If you would like to join, comment here.
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U!  Once your art is ready to submit, post the link here.
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! If you know a club or deviant who might be interested in joining post a comment here!

As I said, it will help me be better organized and keep track of who gets what points once this contest is over. THIS IS A RULE, IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW IT YOUR ART WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THE CONTEST. 

Sorry to get all grumpy there but this is a big thing to me.

Down Arrow 


Up Arrow 

You will be rewarded your points (aside from your entry ones) on the day after the contest ends! So y'all should have plenty of time~ but if the holidays/commissions and so on get too much in the way I may extend it for y'all just let me know~ and most importantly have fun~! 



~Happy Fall~ by KuroDeMangaKa
~Happy Fall~
yes, yes, my happiness over the fact its finally fall has kicked in (now that we've got a week of rain ahead X3) so~ to celebrate here's a loveable shaman Baltheer (who belongs to the lovely :iconoreana:) and my super sweet red panda Alissa dressed up for the cold mornings :3 
Hey guys~ hi hi 

Like my art? Fav fella (Badge) 

Want to see it daily? calendar - My longing 

Including pics that wont be uploaded here? :iconfoxghostplz: 

Click Me ->… Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 

I'll be posting everyday. Computer addict. 

Thursdays will be "Throwback Thursdays" I'll be posting "older" art.:Portal: 

Come and enjoy~ :bighug: REVAMP 

:heart: Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-08 (Heart Angel) [V1]  :heart:
~Tally-Ho to Adventure~ by KuroDeMangaKa
~Tally-Ho to Adventure~
NEW ACCOUNTSo I started off drawing this picture because I thought it was just a cool idea mixing Gravity Falls and steampunk but the more I thought about it, the more I really liked it~ so I made an AU. :D It basically follows the same theme of Gravity Falls, the twins go to live with their great uncle Stan while their parents (famous archaeological explorers) are out on a year long expedition. On the first day there Dipper (while being forced to give out fliers for his uncles "Curiosity Shop) stumbles upon a journal hidden in the woods. Unbeknownst to the twins, they are actually descendants of a long line of monster hunters and the journal belonged to a previous member of their family~ worried their uncle may try to stop them from following the journal the twins keep it secret from him and using the journal to track and document mysterious beasts, the adventure begins~

Silver Square Bullet The Hide Behind riding on the bike with them is Donald (named by Mable) and he serves as their body guard and best friend. In this AU, hide behinds are rare, curious creatures that only want to learn more about humans and how they are. He only hides when he cant be around the twins. 

Lemme know what ya think~

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queenmoreta Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, have you ever heard of/played the game Blade Kitten?, there is an unlockable Ty the Tasmanian tiger costume in it :)
KuroDeMangaKa Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have heard of it yes, but sadly ive never played D: it is super awesome they have an unlockable ty costume~! I gotta see that~ XD
queenmoreta Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I bought it on xbox a few months back, fun game to play actually XD and the character is so cute and funny. But yeah, I saw you are a TY fan so thought I'd ask :).
KuroDeMangaKa Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh man, ty was like my first fandom ever XD but i'll have to look into that once i get an xbox~ i hear its quite fun :D
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Aqua111 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
First day on the Aninite and I also got a photo of my costume. :D…
I have also seen another Scout running around and on Sunday there will even be a TF2 meeting. Someone already asked me if I would like to be part of that team when we meet again. :la:
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